Refugees in the time of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

April 3, 2020

Every single one of us is vulnerable.

People everywhere are reacting to the frightening news that life as we knew it is very different, and very much at risk. Societies are strained and governments are scrambling to take care of their citizens. What happens when you aren’t a citizen?

Readers of this blog know that I am invested in helping people who are seeking refuge. Rebecca is the woman I’ve been connected with for nearly a year. She and her family have been seeking refuge for nearly a decade. They escaped rebel violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and made a dangerous journey to South Africa. There they found a very fragile safety, tainted as it is by xenophobic threats and attacks. It is not a place they feel at home. South Africa has never processed their asylum claim. How can they feel like anyone is looking out for them?

How will they, and the many other people in similar situations survive this pandemic? It is something that weighs heavily on my heart and in my mind.

So I continue to find moments to do anything I can to help them. In this moment I am asking you to give them a moment of your energy.

Please join me in helping them. It is easier to help than you might think: please explore these easy ways you can help.

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