On Refugee Rights Day: Grow Hope!

04 April 2020

As COVID-19 has reached nearly every country on earth, many Canadians are feeling the fear, anxiety and uncertainty of life. It puts us in a state where we can begin to empathize with some of the world’s most vulnerable:  people who are seeking refuge. I’m working to help a family of refuge-seekers right now

Though the news we are hearing every day is grim, you need not despair! 

You can better the world for refugees today through the simple act of planning your veggie garden. It can bring you peace, celebrate an important day in Canada’s history, and help refugees all at the same time!

Today, April 4th, is Refugee Rights Day in Canada, commemorating the Singh Decision of 1985. This decision advanced refugees’ rights to claim protection in Canada. 

Please celebrate this important day with me! Here’s how:

  • visit www.plantables.ca 
  • browse the great selection of Canadian-grown, 100% organic, pesticide-free herb and vegetable seedlings. 
  • Fill your cart with goodness ($4 per plant, free shipping for 12 or more plants – shipping containers 100% recyclable).
  • At the checkout screen, use the coupon code GardenForRefuge. Ten percent of your purchase supports the family we’re working to sponsor. 
  • Your plants will be delivered to your home on the date of your choosing – you can schedule your delivery to arrive later in the spring!
  • Worried about COVID-19? Since Plantables is an agricultural business, they are an essential business and will keep operating in Canada, and selling to customers in Ontario and Quebec only. (Usually they ship throughout Canada and the US, but due to COVID-19, shipping challenges they can only ship in Ontario and Quebec). Couriers (another essential business) will deliver the plants to your home – no contact and no line-ups at stores, keeping everyone safe.
  • Enjoy the good feeling you’ll have from what you just did!
  • Share this message with someone.

Please plan your garden today and take this act of hope. Our world will be better for it.

Thank you!

Nadia and Darrick Heyd

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