Welcome to the Heyd Refuge Hub.
We invite you to join us
in helping people
find their way to a better life.

About us

Hi! We’re Darrick and Nadia Heyd.

We’ve been involved in Refugee Sponsorship in Toronto for a few years and we invite you to get involved with us in making a world of difference in people’s lives. No matter where you live or how much time or money you have to devote to the cause, you’ll feel great about having such a profound impact.

Photo taken at the (really fun!) Ride for Refuge to support AURA, Fall 2017

How You Can Help…

Chocolate for Refuge

Do you enjoy Purdy’s Chocolates? Please support our 2021 Purdy’s Christmas Chocolate fundraiser!
ORDER NOW through late October! Visit

Donate to AURA

Nadia Volunteers with AURA, a Canadian charitable organization facilitating sponsorship and resettlement of refugees. AURA supports and shares expertise with groups involved in sponsorship and resettlement. Please support AURA by sponsoring Nadia in the 2021 Ride for Refuge!

Donate to the Heyd Refuge Fund at Toronto Foundation

When you donate to our fund, your gift will support registered Canadian Charities who support refugees and asylum seekers. You will get a charitable receipt. Learn more…

Ballons image by Takver from Australia – flickr:
Welcome refugees balloons – Refugee vigil Broadmeadows, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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