Crying child with hand all around him pointing fingers - meant to represent Xenophobia


03 April 2020 Rebecca is the mother in the family of six who I’m trying to help come to Canada. Why am I helping? Because her life has been so incredibly unfair, and she and her family deserve better. (see Rebecca’s Story). Rebecca recently introduced me to the popular messaging platform, “What’s App.” Last weekContinue reading “Xenophobia”


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About Us

Hi, we’re Nadia and Darrick Heyd, and we’ve been involved in refugee sponsorship in Toronto (where we live) for the last 5 years. Right now, we’re part of an Ottawa-based sponsorship collective working towards helping a family of 6 from the DRC come to Canada. We also do whatever else we can to support refugees and newcomers. Nadia’s just become the Board Chair at

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