Chocolate for Refuge!

Thank you for your support of our 2021 Sale. We’ll be back again in Fall 2022.

Our group in Toronto and the Ottawa South Committee for Refugee support are working together to raise funds to sponsor a Congolese family to Canada.

When you buy your Christmas Chocolate in support of our fundraiser, you’re not only getting amazing Purdy’s Chocolate, you’re helping refuge seekers find better lives. It’s so sweet of you to help!

Place your order online (read below for more details) starting in early September.

TORONTO (Scarborough) ORDERS – pickup is in Scarborough / Guildwood

Order by 2022 Date TBA to pick up your order on 2022 Date TBA
Seems early? Last year people asked for an earlier sale so that they would have lots of time to mail gifts for the holidays.

OTTAWA ORDERS – 2022 Order dates TBA Ottawa Supporters, please start HERE!

Ready to order?

Toronto (Scarborough) supporters: click here to visit the Purdy’s site to start your order.

Once you reach the Purdy’s website, you’ll be asked for your email address and invited to “Join a Campaign” button.
If you ordered last year, you’ll already have a profile! Just enter your email. It’ll ask you for your password (or will help you to reset your password).
If you’ve never ordered before, just enter your email and you’ll be guided through the steps to register and set up a profile.

Would you like to browse before you make your online order?
Check out the 2021 Christmas Catalogue

Scarborough Fundraiser Start Here
Come back in Fall 2022 where we’ll link you to the Purdy’s site to start your order
The Ottawa South Committee for Refugee suport is partnering with us on this sale. If you know anyone in Ottawa who would like to support this sale, come back in Fall 2022 for a link to the Ottawa Sale.
Come back in Fall 2022 for a link to the 2022 order form.
NOTE: This form is for ON residents, and the tax is included in the price listed for each item. That is why the item prices are higher than in the catalogue

Thank you for your support!

*Purdys Chocolatier has given me permission to use their images on this website for the purpose of promoting this fundraiser.

Thank you from Nadia and Darrick Heyd!
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