When you donate to The Nadia and Darrick Heyd Refuge Fund at Toronto Foundation, your gift will help refugees and asylum seekers get to better places, and build better lives. Donations of $25 or more to this fund are eligible for a Canadian Charitable receipt for tax purposes.

Right now we are focusing on sponsoring a family of six. Rebecca and her children fled rebel conflict in the Republic of Congo. After a dangerous journey, they ended up in South Africa, unable to attain citizenship or even refugee status, and have few rights – despite many years of trying. Their son Jonathan, who is 15, has a frightening medical condition, and access to only the most basic medical care

The Ottawa South Committee for Refugee Support, working together with Trinity Anglican Ottawa has some very kind-hearted and experienced sponsorship volunteers who are ready and willing to welcome people like Rebecca and her family, and support them in many ways as they prepare to come to Canada to begin to build a better life here. Nothing would make this family happier than to become Canadians, with all the rights and responsibilities that entails.

Please join us in making the world a more hospitable place for people like Rebecca and her family who have been through SO much and deserve – as much as anyone – a proper home and a good life.

Please donate to the Heyd Refuge Fund at Toronto Foundation.

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