Garden for Refuge

Thank you for supporting the GardenForRefuge Plantables sale in 2020!

We’ve completed our sale for this year. What did you think? Should we do it again in 2021? Please share your feedback in the form below!

Missed the sale in 2020 but you want to learn more? Please scroll down beyond the form – we left the 2020 sale info there for all to see.

Plantables – info from the 2020 sale is below.

Would you like to grow organic, pesticide-free, grown in Canada herbs and vegetables this summer? Did you know you can support refuge-seekers at the same time? You can!

Order from and use the code GARDENFORREFUGE at checkout.

(please note, it’s GardenForRefuge – only one “e” at the end!)

It’s Win-Win! You get garden-ready herbs and veggie seedlings delivered to your door exactly when you want them, and the refuge fund grows, too! 10% of your purchase helps refuge-seekers.

I asked Plantables a few questions and learned:
– All the plants are organic, pesticide free, and grown in Canada
– Everyone who works at plantables makes at minimum, minimum wage
– All the shipping materials are recyclable. (Recycling code 1 – clear plastic, and corrugated cardboard boxes) Each order is shipped with a max of 12 plants to a box, see photos below.

If you’re planting veggies this growing season, please shop online at
and at the checkout screen, please remember to use the coupon code

Thank you!

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