Shop for Refuge!

Some people tell us they would love to support refuge seekers with a donation to the Heyd Refuge Fund, but they just don’t have the cash right now. We understand!

The good news is that there is a way to help refuge seekers, just by doing your regular, everyday shopping!

When you get gift cards from The Heyd Refuge Hub’s FundScrip program, you get the full value of the gift card you select, AND, without paying any extra money, you also make a donation to support people seeking refuge!

Here’s how it works: (using an example of a $100 grocery store gift card)

  • You vist our FundScrip site, and choose a $100 grocery gift card to your favourite store.
  • Once you’re there, click on the “Support Now” button, set up a profile, and choose a $100 gift card for your favourite grocery store.
  • You receive your $100 gift card in the mail, and spend it, just like you would any gift card
  • Your purchase triggers a $3 donation to the Heyd Refuge Fund – a fund set up at the Toronto Foundation specifically for helping people seeking refuge!

There are many retailers to choose from besides grocery stores. In fact, there are over 175 retailers! Some cards result in a donation of 10% of the card value. Amazing! You spend $100 to get a $100 gift card AND you make a donation of $10! Some cards offer even bigger donations!

How much could you contribute to support people seeking refuge by shopping with gift cards? If you purchase $350 to $700 per month of gas and groceries, and you use this program each month for a year, you’d be making a donation of $114-$228 to support refuge seekers – just by shopping like you normally would, and choosing to pay with gift cards!

If supporting refuge seekers means a lot to you, please tell your family and friends about this!

Together, just 50 people doing their everyday shopping can raise between $5,700 and $11,400 in just one year! That’s significant! (See the calculation below, or visit our Google spreadsheet for the math.)

Are you in? Let’s get started!

Soon the link will be active for you to click on the image below or click the underlined text to visit our FundScrip Campaign page to Shop For Refuge!

Visit our FundScrip Page to get started and click the orange “Support Now” button

Thanks for deciding to

Shop For Refuge!

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